What services do you offer?

Christian Legacy offers tutorial services for Homeschoolers from Pre-school to Grade 12.

We also offer Pre-school to Grade 3 (accredited by DepEd) in our Makati Center.

What is your classroom set-up?

Christian Legacy employs the strength of both set-ups; (See Mission) It also applies a multi-level setup wherein Students are clustered with another grade level to teach responsibility to the older grade and respect to the younger grade level in the class.

Since you are a Christian school, do you accept Non-Christians?

Christian Legacy is a non-sectarian center; students from different religious backgrounds are welcome.

Are you accredited by DepEd?

Christian Legacy Makati has a permit to operate in the Pre-school levels up until Grade 3. On the other hand, our tutorial center caters to students who are enrolled in DepEd recognized schools with home school programs, such as Peniel Integrated Christian Academy, Home School Global and Treston International College.

What is the ratio of students to teachers?

Each classroom has an average of fifteen to twenty (15-20) students for regular classes. MAPEH classes have an average of twenty to twenty-five (20-25) while specialized classes have a small ratio.

What special classes do you offer?

Christian Legacy offers tutorials for students with special needs provided that the student goes through assessment before enrollment is discussed.

Should you wish to inquire more about Christian Legacy, please feel free to send us an email at info@christianlegacy.online