Royalty Ball

Royalty Ball

A Royalty Ball

Last Saturday, 17 February 2018, at the 42nd floor of Discovery Suites Ortigas, 106 students attended our High School Night. This year's theme was A Royalty Ball.

Donning their best royalty attire, the students enjoyed the night with their invited guests. The ball started with a royal call, followed by a special number from Kings and Fantasies, a band by our very own students, headed by Ethan Emperador. What would a Royalty Ball be without the Royal Dance? The Cotillion is a dance designed to the teach grace and respect. Students from all levels participated in this activity during the night.

The royalties were serenaded by our guest artist Dane Hipolito and his friend Gabby. Our very own, Alexa Ilacad, Prince Beating and former student, Jill Marcelo performed a couple of songs as well. Before the night ended, the Royalties of the Night were crowned. Riggs Tiongson was crowned as the Prince of the Night and Julia Basan was crowned the Princess of the Night. Sean Go and Micah Tan were crowned as the King and the Queen of the Night, respectively.

Dazzling, memorable, and fun; these three words describe this culmination exclusively for the High School Students. Our goal is to promote purity among teenagers and to provide an opportunity for our students and guests to learn proper interaction in a formal social gathering. We hope everybody had fun! We look forward to seeing you next year!