Vision & Mission


Christian Legacy envisions itself to be a progressive and an innovative center that prepares nation builders.

We don’t just teach students, we teach the future and current movers and shakers of society. Here in Christian Legacy, it is very important for all of us to see these students for who they are regardless of first impressions or long-term performance. 

Christian Legacy


Christian Legacy is dedicated to raise up a resilient generation of students who are confident in facing the challenges of the 21st Century by combining the benefits of the Home-Study program and the Classroom Set-Up anchored on Biblical standards and principles.

Christian Legacy emphasizes progression. We believe that the traditional set-up may not be as effective to the growing number of students who require a specific method of teaching. We are dedicated to adjust methods and approaches in order to cater to these needs. We also seek to improve our methods and address the issues of the home-study program. We believe that combining the strengths of the two approaches can better improve the way these students learn.